Kuttiyamma Chellikulam

BIRTHDAY: ?July 13, 1943


Kuttiyamma is a 76 year old single woman who never married nor had any children. For 48 years she provided loving service at the convent associated with the Mercy Home, where she worked as a maid. When she started to have back problems, she was unable to continue and was delighted to be admitted to the Mercy Home, where she herself now receives such compassionate care.

Kuttiyamma has several health issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and vericose veins. She occasionally experiences severe seizures, and she also has prolapsed discs, which are the cause of her back problems. Managing her ailments with homeopathic treatments, she considers herself to be in relatively fair health.

Kuttiyamma does not let her health issues slow her down, and she remains quite active. Always a person of service, she can often be found in the kitchen, helping prepare vegetables for the residents’ meals. She enjoys taking food to the Grans living in the Hospice, and she thoughtfully boils water, or does other small chores, for any Gran in need. Although she is easy to please and will eat whatever is served at the dinner table, Kuttiyamma is particularly pleased if the meal is tapioca with meat. She enjoys chatting with all of the staff and the other Grans but especially looks forward to the annual visits from her nephew.

Sponsorship will assist in the provision of food, medication, and many items of basic need. Just as importantly, Kuttiyamma will know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – Mercy Home, Thidanad, Kerala, India

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