Conceita Cunningham

Conceita Cunningham

BIRTHDAY: ?January 13, 1944

COUNTRY:? Jamaica

Conceita is a widow who has two sons and one daughter. She speaks Jamaican Patois (an English-based language) and reads and writes English. As her family is unable to provide for her and she has no pension, Conceita was so grateful to be admitted to St. Monica’s Home.

In her younger days Conceita helped support her family by working as a dressmaker. Over the years she developed a few health concerns, including hypertension, poor circulation, and diabetes. Fortunately, all of her ailments are treated with medication, so that currently she is in fair health and remains relatively active. Her only issue is maintaining safe blood sugar levels, which can be a challenge, due to her sweet tooth. She continues, however, to do her best.

A quiet woman with simple needs and a strong Christian faith, Conceita loves nothing better than listening to gospel music.

Sponsorship for Conceita will assist the kind and caring staff at St. Monica’s Home in the provision offood, clothing, and medical attention. Just as importantly, it will show Conceita that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Patrick’s Foundation for St. Monica’s Home,Kingston, Jamaica

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