Bertille Eustache2

Bertille Eustache

BIRTHDAY: ?November 17, 1957

COUNTRY:? Dominica

A native to Dominica, Bertille is a single woman who is 61 years old. Although she has one daughter and two sons, they are poor themselves and unable to support their mother. Bertille speaks Creole and English and reads and writes English.

Bertille is in relatively fair health. She did, however, have to resign from her job at the local bank because she had a sore on her left leg that refused to heal due to poor blood circulation. As well, she has high blood pressure. Even though she receives a small stipend every two weeks, it is not enough to cover her basic needs.

In September 2017 Bertille’s house was damaged by Hurricane Maria, and she has not yet received any assistance to help her make repairs. Her name remains on the list for government aid.

Striving to be as independent as possible, Bertille enjoys planting vegetables and raising laying hens. She is happy to share any surplus with her family and neighbours.

Sponsorship for Bertille will assist in the provision of food, medication, and many other items of basic need. Just as importantly, your assistance will let her know that someone cares. Thank you so much.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Roseau, Dominica

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